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Beautiful Ladies...their stories and testimonials

Being a woman with thin hair is devastating and depressing, Until I met (my hair angel) Julie 18 years ago. She is amazing! I love my new hair because I can wear the latest styles and can change my hair color according to the seasons. I could never do that with thin hair, I was stuck with the same old style and was constantly trying to style my hair so it looked thicker. I tried every hair thickening product on the market with no luck. Needless to say, those days are over! -Kim 

You'll know when the time is right. Know that it's time to do something other than what you have been doing. That day for me came after years of trying all the products to regrow hair and mask your scalp...Rogain, Nioxin, thickening shampoos, Dermamatch, Toppik. I remember styling my hair for a fun night out and thinking "ok, this isn't too bad". Then looking in the mirror at the back of my hair, the shock and defeating feelings that hit me made me not even want to go out. I knew I couldn't wear a hat so my only option was a pony tail, AGAIN. Then the reality really hit me. It was my niece's wedding and knowing I couldn't make my hair look presentable, I decided to make an appointment at the salon because they know how to make your hair look great, right?!? Even though they did the best they could with what I had to work with, I was still frustrated with my hair. That's when the stylist handed me Julie's brochure and told me that he thought it would be a great fit for me. I made an appointment, met with Julie and thought about it for 2 minutes before I said YES! Give me my hair back! That was 8 years ago... I only wish I had found Julie sooner! -Kelly 

I LOVE my hair! Words I never used before. I used Toppik hair fibers for 5 years to hide my scalp. I no longer have to be ashamed of my thinning & fine hair. Hair Enhancements by Julie has completely changed my confidence and self esteem. I look in the mirror and smile at how good and think my hair looks! Hair Enhancements are a god sent for me! -Marlene 

I have had thin hair my whole life. Even as a teenager, my hair was always "baby-fine" and could never be styled well. I thought that as I aged, I would end up wearing wigs. I felt very self-conscious and noticed that when I would have a face-to-face conversation with people that most times their eyes would be looking at my scalp showing through my thin hair rather than looking into my eyes. I hated it!!! Then I discovered hair enhancement products. This was over 9 years ago. I went to several salons in Pennsylvania before relocating to Las Vegas and I can testify to Julie's professionalism and passion for her work. The hair enhancements Julie has offered to me have been by far the best product matched with the lowest price I have ever found. Every visit with Julie is like the first appointment as she always takes time with her clients to make sure that you are satisfied with the cut and style. Julie will remain my stylist for life because her dedication and integrity for her work go beyond the average professional. If you are feeling unsure on whether you will be happy with hair enhancements, you need to give them a try. A family member of mine who also suffers from thin hair, wears wigs and does not have the same undetected appearance that I have using hair enhancements. It is worth the investment in yourself and you will feel amazing! Thank you Julie, you're the best!! - Lori T.

p.s. the date on the camera is wrong...

11/5/11 :)

Since I am in the health care field and deal directly with patients, wearing something like a wig that would easily come off is out of the question. Hair Enhancement banishes those worries. I can be close to patients and co-workers and not worry about them knowing that my hair has thinned with age. My hair is actually easier to style now that I have Hair Enhancement and I don't worry that every hair is in place to cover my bald scalp. My only wish is that I would have found this solution sooner. -Debbie 

For some time my hair had continued to become thinner and thinner and I was becoming more and more self conscious about it. I actually saw a Hair Club commercial and decided to make a consultation appointment. I thought I had asked every question I could think of and they claimed they told me all the details. They seemed to have the answer to my prayers, until my new hair was applied. I was then informed that I needed to join a membership and pay a monthly fee and I couldn't request what stylist I wanted to have. The color of my hair was also not what I had requested and was told when I join one of their memberships that we could order a new head of hair with the colors I would like. Their sales representative was rude & snide. Clearly, I was not happy with this situation. Somehow the powers above work in mysterious ways because I was telling a friend of mine about my situation and she mentioned Julie's name. I called and made an appointment with Julie and have been going to her for over 12 years now. She is up front, speaks the truth and doesn't try to capitalize on other persons' short comings. She is an amazing hairdresser and was able to make my hair exactly the way I asked in the first visit. Above all this, the hair I received from Julie was by far a better product than Hair Club's and the price doesn't even compare. I can come to Julie when ever I wish and don't have to deal with the snotty sales girl. I love it! My new hair has given me a new perspective on life and I thank goodness that Julie was sent my way. -Ann 

Before I found Hair Enhancement, I used to wear a wiglet to hide my thinning hair on the top of my head. Everyday of the week I had the same hairstyle for years and years... thank goodness those days are history! I can wear my hair up or down, curly or straight and I love it! I feel youthful and more confident and would recommend Hair Enhancement to anyone. -Ora Lee 

I am 31 years old and suffer from Alopecia Totalis and was wearing a wig before I found Hair Enhancement. I have tried cortizone shots in my scalp, creams,ointments and vitamins, shampoos and powders-you name it, I have used it to try to regrow my hair. Needless to say, none of these worked for me. I found myself staying home, not dating or going out with my friends because I was ashamed of the way I looked and felt. I didn't feel young or sexy like a woman should feel. I found myself gaining weight because I wasn't active and definitely couldn't go to the gym wearing the wig for fear it would fall off. A co-worker handed me a brochure for Hair Enhancement one day and I thought I would give it a try. That was 11 years ago. I no longer stay home feeling sorry for myself. I haven't found Mr. Right yet, but I am having fun trying and I look amazing! I love how natural the hair looks and feels. Julie will have a client for life!


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