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Womens' Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Do you do Extensions?

A. Yes. I specialize in all forms of Hair Enhancements.

Q.Do I have to join a club or membership?

A. No. This leaves you in control of when you would like to visit the office.

Q. How much does Hair Enhancement cost?

A.Since each head of hair is custom made to your measurements and lifestyle, prices vary with each person. Schedule your private consultation with Julie to find out more.                                 

Q. Do I have to shave my head?

A. Although it is not necessary to trim your hair down, it does alter the fit, feel and length of wear ability of the head of hair. Each situation is a case by case basis.

 Q. Is the hair 100% human?

A. Yes. You may adjust the color, straighten or curl your new hair.

 Q.What kind of hair is used?

A. We use Grade AAA 100% Human Remy hair that originates from India.

Q. Why don't you use Russian hair?

A.We are able to request Russian hair but it is VERY costly. Also it depends what area of Russia the hair originates from. One border of Russia is close to Ukraine, Finland and Sweden. This is where premium hair (and premium price) comes from. The other border of Russia is near China and Japan. The hair from this region is of very poor quality, often swept up off the floor of a salon after someone has their hair cut. So even though it is "Russian Hair", it may necessarily not be the best hair.

 Q.How long does the hair last?

A.This depends on how well the hair is taken care of. Yes, you will have to replace the hair at some point as it is not going to last forever, but with proper care, following recommended directions and using professional hair products, your hair will have a long life.

Q. How long can you order the hair?

A.Hair may be up to 18 inches long, although there is an additional cost for hair 10 inches and longer. Extensions can be ordered up to 21"-25" long, depending on type.

Q. Can I wash my new hair?

A. Yes. It is recommended to wash as if it was your own hair. When you wash your hair, you will feel the water and shampoo on your scalp. When you are done showering, the water will evaporate- keeping your scalp dry and clean.

Q.How long does it take to order the hair?

A. Since every head of hair is designed custom to your exact measurements and Covid has affected the supply chain, orders are arriving in 4-5 months.

Q.Is this a wig?

A. No. Your new hair is breathable, light and natural. You won’t take it off to sleep, shower or swim like you would a wig. You can workout and do physical work with your new hair and not worry about it coming off.

Q.Where is the service provided at?

A.I have a private studio inside Allure Salon Suites. Your privacy is respected.

Q.I already have hair from another company. Would you be able to service my hair since I didn't purchase it from you?

A.Yes, I can service hair from other companies. I require a confirmation deposit fee of $50.00 that is payable via credit card to schedule your appointment. This deposit goes towards your service charge. Please call to schedule an appointment. Please be advised that you will be asked to sign a wavier before your service since the hair was not purchased from our office. Please note that I will not alter the color of the hair piece as it can be a liability.  

Q.I do not live in Las Vegas...Can you service clients from another city or state?

A.Yes, I have clients who reside in different states. Call and talk about your individual situation and see what options are best for you.

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