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Hair restoration therapy uses stem cells from patient

If you notice you're losing your hair, then you've already lost 40 to 50 percent. Sad but true...

A procedure trademarked by Dr. Charles Runels in May 2011, the Vampire Facelift, this is an off shoot of that. The Vampire facelift uses platelet rich plasma, nicknamed PRP, one's own blood, injected into the skin and a hyper-accelerated rejuvenation treatment. So, too, does this new way to regrow hair.

The procedure takes about an hour and a half. First, the patient's blood is drawn. The vial of blood, about 10 cc, is put in a centrifuge to separate the elements. That takes about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the patient's treatment area is being numbed with a topical anesthetic. When the vial is done spinning, it looks similar to a tube of oil and vinegar with a third of it red (red blood cells), and two-thirds yellow, the platelet rich plasma. The latter is the part injected into the skin.

Then the patient is given the option to include a key boosting additive to the PRP to hyper-accelerate one's follicle growth. Then the PRP is injected into the areas where hair growth is desired. The procedure includes using a micro needling pen to promote bleeding. This activates the growth factors and stem cell process.

This is done in two sessions, and the procedure is repeated after six weeks. Results can be seen in as little as eight weeks. The treatment process will remain active for approximately a year. Some patients have another round of treatments and others are satisfied with the initial treatment.

The cost starts out at about $2000.

Maybe this is why Dracula had a full head of hair???? Hmmmm...

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