Hair Enhancements By Julie - Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men and Women
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                                           THIN HAIR.
   40 million men & 30 million women suffer.
1 in 4 people.

Are you one of them?

Did you know if you notice you're losing your hair, then                                                   you've already lost 40 to 50 percent?
Don't let your fine or thinning hair run your life in 2019!
           *Don't feel sexy or attractive?
            *Always wearing a hat? When removing it is required, not attending events?
            *Always sitting in the back of the room so people won’t be looking at the back of
               your head?
            *Convinced you didn’t get that promotion because you have less hair than your      
             *Trying every hair “re-growth” or "cover up" product available?
             *Wearing a hairstyle because you’re covering your scalp ?
             *Scared about situations that your wig or hat may fall or blow off?
Introducing: Hair Enhancement
            ~ virtually undetectable and natural
~100% human hair
            ~ customized to your hair color, texture and density
~ affordable- no clubs to join-payment plans available
Julie Horner, Hair Enhancement Specialist
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