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                                              D'Hair to be Different Salon
                                                   4300 E. Sunset Road
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                                                   Henderson, NV 89014
                             Phone: (702) 798-3070 Ext 112

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In the hair enhancement industry, many companies and individuals claim to have the best products. What they don't advertise is without the best stylist, their product is just the same as all the rest. Unfortunately, there isn't a manual that tells you everything you need to know for Hair Enhancement. There are industry standards and the rest is experience.  As an award winning  Hair Replacement Trainer/Stylist of Hair Club for Men for nearly 5 years  and having been in the Cosmetology industry for over 24 years, I have perfected the hair replacement craft from the initial order, the application, custom haircut and finally, the finished look. I have worked as a Licensed and Certified Instructor, Advisory Board Member, and have specialized in hair enhancement for over 16 years. I am a licensed Cosmetologist in Nevada and a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor & Supervisor in Pennsylvania. Please allow me the opportunity to make you look your best!

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   The beauty industry is constantly changing and it is important to keep up with 
latest technology.
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